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Author Andy B. Nakagawa Releases 'Living in Victory'

Author Andy B. Nakagawa has always believed that prayer is one of the most potent ways to uplift yourself from the darkness of the world. It is also one of the most powerful weapons you can have in the ever constant war against sin. This is because the devil is constantly bombarding humanity with words full of deceit and hatred. And if left unchecked, humanity would lose sight of its ultimate goal. God’s love.


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'Erskinville to the Bush' Chronicles One Man's Incredible Desire for a Better Life

Steve Langley has gone through many things in the course of his life. He was born in the slums and had to fight for a better life. This drive urged him on to go on adventures that helped shape who he truly is. In Erskineville to the Bush the author Steve Langley readers follow one man’s incredible journey through life.


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Author Jamel Gross Enlightens Readers in 'My Eyes of Desire'

Poetry is considered as one of the most beautiful ways to convey your perceptions on the world. And if done right poems can be lines of such sublime beauty that can evoke great emotions from anyone who reads it. In My Eyes Of Desire Author Jamel Gross enlightens readers with a collection of heartfelt poems that shows how he perceives life and how life has affected him.


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Author Scotty Richardson Tells of His Life in 'Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers'

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friends and throughout the centuries dogs have formed a very deep bond with humanity that has benefited both sides. This saying cannot be more true in Author Scotty Richardson’s touching new book Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers. In this highly relatable book the author reminisces on life and how his love for dogs has helped him tackle life and all its challenges.


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